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Situated in the Peak District moorlands where the three counties of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire meet, you know this is an epic location. We started building obstacles on our working farm in 2014, not because we could, but because we know you are going to love our rugged landscape, treacherous bogs and epic mud. Our 6km course meanders around the Manifold Valley and there are a whole host of obstacles around every turn .... some natural, some man made. Mother Nature certainly sets the backdrop for a great adventure and she knows how to challenge even the most seasoned mud runner.


There are literally tons of them. Watery dark tunnels, cargo nets across the river, a weaver (tricky but fun), walls to clamber over, tyres to get mangled in, spiders web to get tangled in and the list goes on. There are lots of natural obstacles too, so we never bother to count them all.

We started to build 9 years ago and many of our obstacles are permanent. In 2021 we installed 4 epic zip wires, the longest in the Peak District. They proved to be a real hit at our last event in September 21.

Of course, we want you all to be challenged, but it's got to be fun too, right? Everybody loves a slide, so we have 2. One of them is going to take some gumption. Space hoppers, leap frogs, mud crawl .... it's just like being a kid again.


We're farmers, so we know MUD. We don't just dig a hole and fill it with water, we provide you with the real thing. This mud is going to suck the life out of your legs and always claims a trainer or two. We are famous for our bouncing bogs. They look innocent, you might be able to run across them, but you might not.

All our obstacles are designed to be achieveable, but are always entirely optional. Just getting around the course is a challenge, even if you don't take on the obstacles.

Are you ready to be challenged? You might have done Tough Mudder, but are you really going to smash Bog Commander?
death slide peak district
death slide peak district
Medal, T shirt and Free Parking included. 260 metre zip wire too !