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Muddy Obstacle Race


Walker. Runner. CXer. Family. Spectator. Everybody is welcome at Bog Commander. We have a family friendly wave at 12, a cyclocross wave at 1pm and if you think 6km of muddy slog isn't enough, then sign up to one of our earlier waves and go for multiple laps of our top rated course. Spectators are very welcome and we won't charge you to park.


“BOG COMMANDER YOU SUCKED yesterday, you sucked the life out of my legs with that big f**k of hill, you sucked the life out of my arms on that huge cargo net and you sucked my legs from my pelvis trying to get them out from that mud that seemed never ending in depth"

“What an amazing race!! I definitely underestimated how hard that was going to be. I've never seen so much mud in my life!!!! 10 out of 10. I will definitely recommend and will be back there next year. Hats off to those doing 18k. That hill was horrendous!!!”

"This is the first obstacle run we have done and it was fab! It certainly lived up to the name of 'bog' commander! Legs are a little sore from climbing those hills! Great event! I strongly recommend!"
Obstacle Race Organisers


Being hill farmers, we know a thing or two about hard graft. We have got the know how and we've got the terrain to bring to you an awesome mud filled event. We are now entering our sixth year of event management, so perhaps we've got the hang of it by now. NEW for 2020, the cyclocross wave. CXOCR is born.  

Obstacle Race Peak District


Adventure racing gives you a great excuse to be a big kid again. Fun run in the mud with obstacles. Encompassing the very best terrain that Mother Nature has to offer.  We don't claim this course is tough ..... you decide. 6km course with the option for multiple laps. How many laps can you handle?

Mud Race in the Peak District


You want mud. We have it in epic proportions. You want challenging terrain. We've got that too. Scenic? Of course .... this is the Peak District. Come and see why we consistently get such great reviews. ( 5 stars on Facebook ) Join us for a muddy adventure. This is THE mud run and obstacle race to complete

Peak District Mud Run and Obstacle Race


We are located in the awesome Peak District, just 6 miles from Buxton. We have a fabulous location with truly beautiful scenery. The course is set around the Manifold Valley with great views for spectators and runners alike. A naturally muddy assault course awaits you.

You can see by the pictures of past events that we have a whole host of obstacles in store for you. Some are man made, some are courtesy of Mother Nature. We have designed all our obstacles to be achievable by all. We're not going to put on an obstacle if only a handful can complete it. Where's the fun in that? Don't make the mistake of thinking this is going to be easy though ! We want everybody to have a go and provided you're game for a laugh, with a little determination you'll cross the finish line. It doesn't matter if you walk it, crawl it, ride it, or storm it, you'll still be a Bog Commander. WARNING!!! If you don't like mud, having fun or getting dirty, then this event really isn't for you.